Tuesday, June 12, 2007

31 Weeks

Me and my big belly at 31 weeks. I feel pretty huge. Strangers come up to me in the store or wherever I am and for some reason want to know whether we're having a boy or a girl and when I'm due and then they proceed to tell me either a) "Oh, you're pretty big!" (thanks!), b) "You've got a while to go!" or c) "Oh, that's coming up really soon!" I tend to like option "c" better.

Our Move

Our move went very well. We decided to split up the 26 hour drive into 3 days. The first night we stayed with Ivan and Jessica and baby Elijah in St. Pierre, MB and the second night we stayed in this great Holiday Inn Express in Munising, MI. We didn't run into ANY construction and we had no truck problems.

We arrived in Blind River on Monday (we left on the Saturday) and unloaded our stuff into a house in town that we will sort of use until the house we're supposed to live in at the camp is ready. We will mostly be living out of a room in the lodge at camp until mid-July when we will have to settle into our house at camp if it's ready, or the house in town (so we're ready for the baby). It's hard having so much instability at this point in our lives, but through it all we're trying to really trust God that He knows what's best for us.

Huge truck, huh? Don't worry, we didn't fill it...or come close. We ordered a 17' truck and they didn't have one available, so they upgraded us to a 26' truck at no extra charge.

We still had tons of room left when all our stuff was loaded

The baby moved so much when we were driving! It probably had something to do with all the bumps. And all the peanut M&M's I ate.