Thursday, September 18, 2008

baby shower

Last Sunday night the church had a baby shower and official welcome to us. Once again we were hugely blessed by these people. Jaxon got LOTS of gifts and we got enough money to pay for the poor guy to get circumcised and get some diapers!

The cake is supposed to be in this picture but I guess it didn't make it in. :)

tons of gifts! and a sad, tired baby.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

...more of Jaxon

here's some more pictures of our sweet Jaxon...we got to have another photo shoot with Grace so the first 5 pictures are from her. They were taken when he was 1 week old.

studying his cute!

mommy & jax

such cute little feet!

Jaxon LOVES his baths. He doesn't cry at all...only when he has to get out. Then he usually pees and I have to dip him back in again. Maybe that's his tactic to get more bath time :)

my mom and sister, Karen came for a few days, they just left today :( we had a wonderful visit....they waited on us hand and foot!