Monday, May 21, 2007

Dreaded Packing

We finally decided it's time to get serious about packing...this morning we're off to hunt for more boxes and we're hoping to get a good chuck done today.

Happy May Long Weekend!!!

Friday it snowed...and snowed...and snowed. This picture was taken on Saturday afternoon after lots had already melted. Thankfully it is all gone now!!!!


Joelle, Amanda and Kassy. I'm really going to miss them!!!!

Honduras pics

The Honduras team (the picture was taken when they got back - hense the dark tans!)

The kids were in love with Dan :)

This little girl had Dan wrapped around her little finger...who can say no to those beautiful eyes?

They had/got to sleep under mosquito nets to keep the bugs/spiders/ghekos etc. out

Helping make the foundation to a new house

yes, that's a tarantula!

Movie night :) The kids loved it

The team brought these old farmer hats to the kids - they loved them!

A refreshing dip on their mountain hike


This was their mode of transportation - fit as many people in the back of the truck as possible!

Friday, May 11, 2007

26 weeks

Here's my belly at 26 weeks. It's really starting to feel big now (especially when I bend over!). Usually in the evening it feels really tight and like it's stretching...especially after a walk. Sleeping is still going pretty good which I'm thankful for. I wake up pretty stiff in my lower back but once I walk around a bit it goes away. Overall - I'm feeling great...can't complain a bit!! :)

I still can't resist putting my hand on my belly every time the baby does such funny things these days. I'm glad Dan's finally home again to experience it too.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dan in Honduras

Here are some tidbits from the emails I've received from Dan. For those of you who didn't know - Dan's been in Honduras since April 18th for a missions trip with 4 students from NBC. They seem to be doing really good. They come home on May 9th (yay!). Be sure to check the blog again when he gets back - we'll post some pictures!

...part of an email from May 1st...they got to go to Roatan Island for a couple days for some time off.
"We took a water taxi down the ocean and stay at the beach all afternoon. Snokeling was amazing. I've never seen so many fish in my life and the coral was awesome too. Tyler and I made it a long way out, until it just dropped off and we couldn't see anything, but blue. Crazy! I got really burnt today though. My back is red."

...April 21....
"We are now just in our second full day here in Honduras and things are going great. We had a long couple of days flying, but no problems, just a few scares. Tyler left his wallet in the hotel, but we had lots of time so Gord just took a cab back to the hotel to grab it. We also can all say we have been in four different countries on this trip. The USA, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. Actually all in one day. Crazy.

Now in Honduras, I am over joyed by how friendly the people our. I have met and hugged so many people I will not remember them all and its only day two. The people have very little and yet are so happy and loving and caring. It blows me away. They know what it makes to love one another. I believe they are going to teach us so much.

Friday, we got up and did a little walk around to get our bearings. I had the opportunity to go into town and help do the grocery shopping. The people are crazy drivers here. All over the place. Then in the afternoon we organized the mission House a bit and organized our supplies. Then we went swimming in the Caribbean Sea. It was just what we all needed to cool off. Then in the evening we went to Pastor Marianos Church for a prayer service. It was awesome. We sang a little and then Tyler played his guitar and we sang God of Wonders. Its crazy how we all can praise the God of the Universe in different languages. Then we held hands and prayed in a circle all taking turns. WOW! God is so amazing! I feel so blessed by the people.

Then today, we went and help lay the foundation of a new house the mission is building. We all helped as much as we could. The Honduran people really know how to work. They has so little, but make do with what they have. It was hard work, but I trust that the people were grateful for our efforts. It is very hot here. 30C and no wind and humidity. I think most of us hard burnt a bit already. It makes it very hard to work, but God is giving us the strength. When you so the Honduran people work it motivates you.

Well, hats what we have been up to as a team. We will do some town stuff the rest of the afternoon and rest tonight. One thing that is very different from Canada is the Sun. Up everyday at 5am and down a 6pm. So we are learning to change our sleep schedule or at least trying.

Please pray for us. Pray for:

- Us to handle the heat
- For our VBS
- For team Unity
- For safety
- For the people that we impact for Christ
- For people to come to know our Lord Jesus Christ"