Friday, March 19, 2010

25 weeks

Here's my 25 week shot...getting bigger! And feeling bigger too.

For the most part I'm feeling really good. I am still very tired by the end of the day but if I think back, it HAS gotten better since the 1st trimester. This little one is very active (which I'm so thankful for!). I think she must be facing out because I feel lots of detailed movements (if that makes any sense) - like little swipes of the hand or foot or whatever it is. She is already a little violent with her brother when he cuddles with me...maybe jealous already? No, just smushed. :)

We have a date for the c-section now for June 16th. Having a date makes it suddenly feel realistic that "oh, I really AM pregnant!" Just to be cautious, my doctor is giving me regular ultrasounds every 2 weeks till the end, and weekly non-stress tests starting at 28 weeks. This will make for a lot of appointments, but I'm glad she's being cautious.

Now for a few pictures of my favorite boys!