Monday, January 24, 2011

a labor of love...the quiet book!

It's done! The quiet book is finally done. I managed to finish it a few days before Christmas, just in time for Jaxon to open during our own little family Christmas.

Before I go any further, I must tell you that a LOT of these ideas came from other people's quiet books that I looked up online. Some of my favorite blogs that I got ideas from were Sew Can Do, Leafy Treetop Spot, and How to Make a Quiet Book. I also got a lot of ideas just from searching "quiet book" in Google images.

I had a lot of fun making the book. At times it was hard to focus on the "more important" motherly duties because I was so motivated to get this book done. Normally I don't like to do big projects for that reason, but it helped that I could at least finish a page at a time.

Jaxon's first unhindered glance through the book (he got sneak peeks while I was making it)

the cover

Shapes that snap off

This is by far Jaxon's FAVORITE page...

the lock comes undone and there's a picture of all of us inside.

I have a few of the soccer and baseball beads leftover and Jaxon carries them everywhere! They are a favorite.

fridge (for the next page)

what's for breakfast? (the food velcros off so you can put it in & out of the fridge)

buckles! Jaxon's #2 favorite page.


it's carrot-pickin' time!
there's a funny memory that will always go with these carrots...while I was sewing the carrots, Jaxon was playing in the same room and I had given him one of the finished carrots to play with for a few minutes. He gave it back to me and it was soaking wet. Like soaking. After smelling it and examining it I had thought he had put it in his mouth so I asked him if that's what he did and he said "no"...I thought he was lying so I was lecturing him about lying...then I saw a puddle by his feet on the mini quad he was sitting on. Yeah. That's was soaked in pee. I sat there for a few minutes trying to think of any way that I could restore the poor carrot...then soon realized I would just have a make a new one. So, I'm pretty sure I will think of that frustrating but now funny potty training moment every time I look at the carrot page :)

I got this idea from Homemade by Jill. (Jill, in case you are reading this, I like yours way better! ;)

with a bear inside :)
Jaxon loves campfires so this page is fun for him. It usually gets him & I talking about the campfires he helped daddy build in the summer.

...finally found something useful for those ripped but favorite old jeans!

So there it is! I'm really happy with how it turned out. I plan on making a couple more pages each Christmas. It's really neat to watch Jax enjoy it. It actually worked this Sunday in actually kept him quiet when he was supposed to be quiet! :)

Time for bed....half an hour ago!

Good night


  1. Wow! Your book turned out awesome! So many neat ideas... and you did a wonderful job of making it work. Congrats!

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    My mom made one of those for Corey when he was little. I don't know if he was quite as young as Jaxon, possibly. I think she was desperate for some quiet as he has always been quite the talker. I hope Jaxon loves his as much as Corey did. Good work!

  3. Barb Wareing8:48 AM

    Laura, you should be very proud of yourself - beautiful job!! I am sure Jaxon will treasure this long after it is 'useful' for him; very lucky boy to have a Mom that makes time for the important stuff...her children!
    I love the book and all of your ideas. Excellent learning tool and fun all at the same time! Beautiful, just beautiful!

  4. Wow...that is AWESOME Laura!! I love those ideas! :)

  5. Deanna10:43 AM

    Truly a work of art! I hope Jaxon enjoys it for many years.

  6. Anonymous12:14 PM

    You did a wonderful job Laura! I enjoyed watching & listening @ the book as you faithfully worked on the book to get it done on time! Good Work. Love Mom c.

  7. I can't believe it! I've been looking for one of these EVERYWHERE for the little girl I work with at school! It would be so perfect for her. I've looked at craft shows, teacher stores...nothing. And I'm so not a much could I pay you for you to make me one?

  8. Hey Jen!
    I tried to email you back but don't have your email & can't get onto your blog...hopefully you see this here! :) Could you email me from your email and I can reply to you?

  9. Oh funny! I don't have your email either! I will try to get it from Amanda! Stay tuned!

  10. AMAZING JOB Laura!!! It turned out sooooo good! You are an excellent seamstress! :) Really nice job!! love you!

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  12. Anonymous6:15 PM

    WOW! I can only make stupid pillows!
    Anyways it looks awesome