Saturday, January 17, 2009

to the cabin

On Thursday we went to our friends Brian & Carol's cabin for lunch! It was sooooooo beautiful out there. It was about -25 that day but everything was so white, crisp, sparkly and beautiful that it was worth braving the cold to get there. We enjoyed the heat of the wood stove once we got inside and stayed nice & toasty. After being in the city for a long period of time, it was so nice to get out of the busyness and into the peaceful woods!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

did you know??

Did you know that kiwis have more vitamin C in them then oranges? I've been eating lots of kiwis these days trying to get rid of this cold! Just thought I'd pass this along since it's definitely cold season!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

this & that

Jaxon is LOVING his jolly jumper now. We started him in it about a week ago and at first he would just hang out in it and bounce the odd time. Now he's starting to figure out his rhythm and he's getting better at bouncing. He gets so proud of himself when he has a really good bounce.

Dan walked out the door for work one day last week and saw this! haha.........we were pretty sure we knew who did it and it was confirmed when pictures showed up on Facebook! We had to laugh. Our poor neighbor called me that morning concerned that something had actually happened.

Jax helping dad fold diapers :)

We've found something that helps us get through Jaxon's evening fussy time..........massages! Actually, I think he just likes being naked and the massage is just a bonus. He'll be all fussy and as soon as I lay him down on that blanket and take his clothes off he's a happy boy! It's definitely his favorite time of the day and it gets him through till bedtime!

A question for all you moms out do I keep Jaxon's little arms warm at night? I put warm sleepers on him but he doesn't keep his arms in his swaddle and they get kind chilly at night. Any ideas?

finally some Christmas pictures!

I'm finally taking a few minutes to post some more pictures! These pictures were taken by our lovely friend Grace at the end of November for Jaxon's Christmas photo shoot. These are only a few out of many!

thank you Grace!

Here's some pictures from our time in Goderich. We were there for almost 2 weeks. It was very busy but good to visit with our families.

Jax discovered that it can be fun to stick his finger inside his soother :) so cute.

Christmas morning at Dan's parents. We're all looking a little tired. Jax is sporting his Christmas outfit from his Grandma. He doesn't look too impressed. :)

we were able to spend some time at the pool so we could get Jax in the pool for the first time! I think he liked it but his lips spent a lot of time quivering so we didn't keep him in there too long.