Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas to you!

Merry Christmas friends and family!

I can't believe it's Christmas in only 2 sleeps. I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas...we are going to be spending some time with family starting on the 26th. We're looking forward to having Christmas morning here at home just the 3 of us. Now that Jaxon is older, it's so much fun watching him open presents and explore his new gifts (and the boxes they came in!).

It is our hope that this Christmas is a time that you find yourself pondering the birth of Christ - and celebrating it. It's pretty easy for me to get caught up in all the traditions and "feel-good" Christmas-y things that we do - and how that dictates whether I feel I've had a good Christmas or not. While those traditions are okay - it's important that I remember the true reason for Christmas, and that in my heart that purpose outweighs the satisfaction I look for in the Christmas traditions.

Here's a few of our latest and favorite pictures. Merry Christmas!

I found Jaxon playing with his Nativity set one day last week - it appeared that the Wiseman was kidnapping baby Jesus! LOL...

Friday, December 11, 2009

belly picture # 1

Where did the month go? I just read that the date of my last post was November 3rd. Crazy!

Here's my first belly picture for baby # 3. I can't believe I'm showing this much already. My belly actually started popping around 7 or 8 weeks (although it helps that I had some leftovers from Jaxon that came with it ;o)

Here I am at 11 weeks.

This pregnancy seems to be different from both of my last pregnancies. The other two were pretty predictable about what time in the day I would start feeling nauseous and for how long - and what kinds of foods I liked/disliked. This time my nausea is very unpredictable - and thankfully not all that bad, especially compared to what some women experience! And food-wise, it seems like it depends on the day what I crave or gag over. Surprisingly - I do have an increased desire for pickles :)

I would say my biggest struggle this trimester has been fatigue. Usually I can make it till 5pm and then it takes all I have to be able to clean up supper, get Jax ready for bed, and tidy the house. Often I'm in bed by 9:30. So I'm hoping that my energy returns sometime soon. At the same time though I'm thankful that I don't have it worse.