Monday, January 18, 2010

gotta love those navels.

....navel oranges that is....

One of our favorite pass-times these days....sharing an orange. They're so good right now!

(this picture shows a better "after" look at his haircut than the pictures in my last post)

no more baby hair

For a few weeks now I've realized that the time has sweet Jaxon's baby curls need a trim. I've been procrastinating booking an appointment, knowing that giving Jaxon his first haircut will take my sweet little baby one more step out of "babyhood" and into "boyhood". I love that he has those precious curls at the back and I didn't want to let them go - but he was starting to look like a homeless man. About half the time - the curls would behave and be curly - but at the worst of times - it was BAD.

Here's a BEFORE picture on a okay hairday:

Here's a couple BEFORE pictures on a VERY bad hair day (an hour before his haircut):

So on Saturday we went to see Cherie for a little trim :) I forgot to take pictures during the cut but Jax did VERY long as he got to hold the comb Cherie let him borrow.

Here's Jaxon and Cherie after his haircut. Jax would rather be the photographer than the poser...he's not too happy.

Here are my attempts at the AFTER pictures. He obviously wasn't in the posing mood then, either (last week I made the mistake of letting him take a picture with our camera and now that's all he wants to do when he sees the camera....Oops.) These pictures actually make me laugh...even though they're all terrible.


"Mommmmmmmmm, let me go!"

"fine....I'm leaving!"

His shorter, "big-boy" hair-do has taken a couple days to get used to - but I do like it. Cherie did a great job - and the back still gets curly so I think I'll be okay. :)