Monday, June 16, 2008

we have a house! for real this time!

We completed our house hunting today! We found a house that we actually liked even better than the last one, which we didn't think was possible! And we're paying less for it :) We're so excited. Click here to see the mls listing. The pictures on the website really don't do it justice, so I'll post some better pictures once we take possession.

We get possession on July 18th, which is a little later than what we would ideally like, but we're happy to just have a house. Tomorrow we have a little bit of paperwork to do and then we'll head home on Wednesday. Ahhhhh....what a relief!!!!

The main floor of the house is perfect (except for the blue living room....we already have a color picked out to paint that!)...hardwood floors, nice bathroom, great kitchen, A DISHWASHER (the first ever in my life!)...the baby room is the perfect color....the list goes on. The basement is partly finished and is a really neat layout. It's all drywalled and the floor is done - it just needs some paint.

God is so good. Admittedly, there were times in the last few weeks that we didn't trust God like we should have - but He's proved Himself again. He's blessed us with features in this house we thought we would have to settle on. I really didn't think I would ever have a kitchen this nice or hardwood floors or so much space and a new bathroom and the list goes on!! Thank you Lord!!! Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us!!

We are really excited!! I'm going to try and go to sleep now :)

Monday, June 09, 2008

our house

Just thought I'd update you on our house situation. Today is the day that our conditions and the seller's conditions were to be met by. Ours were all good but we just found out that the sellers decided they didn't want to sell their house anymore. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're super disappointed because we LOVED that house and none of the other houses on the market seem to compare...and time is please pray for us if you think about it.

The agent we've been working with is awesome and she's going to help us find another place - we're thinking we might end up going up there again Sunday night to look at more places.

It's pretty hard to be thinking positively right now but we're trying hard to believe that it's still (and has been this whole time) in God's hands and He must have a reason. It's hard be believe that there could be a better house out there but you never know......

Monday, June 02, 2008

we're moving!

Well it's been a long year of waiting to see what God has in store for us next in our lives...and now instead of the answer to our prayers being "wait", we've finally gotten the answer we've been waiting for...."go"!

Dan has been offered the position of Youth Pastor at Bethany Baptist Church in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario....and we feel like it is a great fit for us and it is what God's leading us to so we accepted the offer! We were there last weekend candidating and we were so encouraged by the people there - it seems like there are a lot of genuine people that love God in the church and we're so excited to get to know them more as our church family.

We hope to move on July 2nd. Last weekend when we were there we managed to do a little house shopping. We found a house that we both fell in love with but we knew that if we did get it, it would be God's doing - since it is such a great house in a great neighborhood - and the market in the Soo is moving very fast right now. The house was put up for sale on the Tuesday (we saw it on the Thursday) and they weren't taking any offers until Monday. It turns out there were 8 offers all together and they picked ours!! We're very excited to finally have a place to call home and to unpack our stuff that we haven't seen in a year now. We do have one more date to wait for...June 7th is when the seller's conditions need to be met by so it won't be set in stone until that date. Assuming that all goes smooth, our possession date will be July 2nd. If you want to see what our place looks like, click here. There's a virtual tour with pictures of the rooms inside, just click on "view multimedia".

Although it's been a long fall, winter, and spring waiting for God to say "go"...we can see His hand in everything and we know that this whole time He's had a plan. Last fall and this spring Dan's been able to work for the Weed Man and during the winter we had lots of time together which has been so great. We went to the gym and did lots of reading and things that we wouldn't have gotten the chance to do otherwise. It's also been a great time of healing for us both.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

nursing covers (*updated*)

This is my version of a very cool nursing cover that I found on the internet (way over-priced at $40 each!). I'm very excited about them because the top stays open so you can see your baby, but no one else can see what's going on under there :) I made one for a friend who is breast-feeding and she has found that it works really good for her. I can't wait to try it for myself!

I was thinking of trying to sell some, so if you are interested in buying one, I'd love to make you one! I would sell them for $25 including shipping.

These are the nursing covers I have for sale right now:

fabrics available:

solid brown sage green

I would sew this one so the flower is in the bottom corner of the cover.