Tuesday, October 21, 2008

cloth diapers, here we go.

Well...yesterday was our first day using only cloth diapers! I must say, on Sunday night when I was putting together all the diapers after they were washed, I was a little scared and wondering what I have gotten myself into. I was scared about all the extra laundry and time spent re-stuffing the liners into the diapers and scared about how they would fit Jaxon...but with one day under our belt, I can say that it's going to be okay. The little bit of a diaper rash Jaxon had cleared up within the first 2 diaper changes with cloth, and they seem to be pretty comfy for him. They stay dry as long (or maybe even longer) than disposables and nothing seems to leak out. Jax even had a explosive sounding present in his diaper this morning and it stayed within the walls of the diaper! Phew. So I guess using cloth diapers isn't that scary. It is rewarding to know that we're saving major money (our diapers cost $500 compared to a MINIMUM of $1500 per child using disposables) and helping the environment.

We decided to go with Bumgenius diapers after I did a bunch of looking around and reading reviews, etc...they seem to be very well liked diapers and so far I am liking them too. Here's a picture of Jax sporting his new style.

our sweet neighbor let me use her clothesline this afternoon since we don't have one yet!


  1. good luck with the cloth diapers...i just bought some last week for my kids and am about to embark on the same journey!

  2. I've been doing cloth for a couple of months now with Averi...I'm wishing I would have started earlier, and been able to invest in them. I am almost completely stocked from the thrift store, so I have nothing beautful, or really ingenious. I do have some really cute super whisper wraps, that is my one thing that I have invested in. They seem to work good. Averi's daiper rashes stay away with the cloth daipers too.

  3. Looking good Jaxon! I think green is your colour. :) Way to go Laura. We'll see what I end up doing. We did disposable with Liam and I hate how much money they are and how bad they are for the environment...but I've had moms say that with the second one it's often too busy to go with cloth. We'll see how this little one's bum handles the disposable and I guess go from there. I will keep the company you are using in mind though. Truly, how could go wrong with a company called bum genius...do they have anything for moms that helps lose the weight in that area after? :) I hope you have many good experiences with those diapers. And even with the bad ones, I hope you can laugh and remember the exploding stories for a wedding reception some day! :)

  4. Yay for cloth! The Bum Genius diapers really look good on him!

    Oh, and to Amanda... I only used cloth with Bria, so I was a 'second time cloth user' myself. I don't find it to be too much work. As long as you decide that it matters to you, you'll do it :) I refuse to buy disposables, so I don't have the option of giving up.

  5. yay for cloth diapers!! I LOVE cloth diapers and have used them the entire time with both my kids. And yeah, they really do work well...in fact I think they hold the poo in better than disposables! Whenever my kids happen to poo in a disposable on a trip or something it ALWAYS leaks!! Good luck with the cloth diapers. ;)