Saturday, October 04, 2008


Last weekend Dan went on a Wonderland trip with the youth group and on Sunday the Loberts took Jax & I to Hiawatha Park. It was such a beautiful day and we thoroughly enjoyed soaking up all the colors. Oh how we love fall! This year I have seen vibrant colors like none before.

this morning we tried giving Jaxon his first bottle. We thought it'd be fun for Dan to be able to feed him sometimes so we gave it a try. He didn't like it too much. He hasn't quite figured out how to do it yet. That's okay...there's no rush! :)


  1. Yeah, I wouldn't stress the bottle too much. My kids were either bottle OR mommy, not both. Once they had a bottle, they didn't want to nurse anymore!

    Looks like gorgeous fall weather there! Here we've had a lot of cold days. I'm dreading winter :(

    Do you have any baby carriers? A great wrap or sling is awesome for long fall walks.

  2. Those are such great fall pictures!! Beautiful. Jaxon is so adorable.

  3. Our Jaxon never, ever did take a bottle...and we tried quite a few different types!

  4. Great fall pictures! Jaxon is such a cutie.

  5. I pumped and gave my babies bottles once in a while - like you said, it's nice to give dad a 'turn' once in a while :) also it gave me the freedom to go out on a date or two with my hubby even tho I was nursing :) My babies like the Platex nursers, one liked the silicone nipples the other the brown colored ones :) Jaxon is so cute!!