Monday, October 20, 2008

smile & thanksgiving

This is the first picture we got of Jaxon smiling. It was actually such a long smile that I got like 10 pictures in a row of him smiling! What a cutie. It's so fun that he's now smiling. He's really starting to "talk" more now too. Having him be more interactive is so fun.

Dan was able to take some time off so we could go to Goderich for Thanksgiving. We were a bit nervous about the long drive (7 hours without many stops) with Jaxon but he did soooo great. He slept the whole time except for 2 feedings. As you can see we had a GORGEOUS view as we were driving. It couldn't have gotten much better.

Burp time at a rest stop

Thanksgiving walk with my family

Us with Dan's parents

Jaxon says he loves fall too.

We stayed at my sister Karen & Steve's house. One morning Noah, Max & I made breakfast before everyone else got up.

I thought this was a spider or something b/c I only saw it at the last second before it was about to hit me in the face. Turns out it's a floating leaf....hanging by only a spider web! So cool.

sisters :)

our friends Scott, Amy & Taden

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  1. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Very cool to hear your comments about using cloth diapers. We are seriously considering using them for our baby so it is nice to hear your take on it. It was great to see more pictures of you guys - looks like you are enjoying your little guy!