Wednesday, February 03, 2010

19 week belly

Well it's been 8 weeks since I've posted a belly picture so I figured it was about time to update! Here I am at 19.5 weeks.

I'm feeling pretty good, other than REALLY tired...still. I was hoping for that second trimester burst of energy but it never happened. I guess I might as well get used to a constant state of being tired since I'm not expecting much rest once the baby comes :) It's all worth it though!

I think it was my 17th week that I was SUPER hungry ALL the time and even more tired than usual - and I figured the baby must be going through a growth spurt. Well that Friday I all the sudden felt like my belly was harder, bigger, and more noticeable when bending over and stuff. So I guess something was happening!

I'm feeling LOTS of movement which is really cool. I don't remember feeling THIS much movement this early - must be an active kid. :)


  1. Looking great, Laura! I finally gave in and pulled out the maternity clothes and definitely feel like this little has just suddenly started growing too! I think I will post a belly pic and maybe ultrasound picture next week after I have my 20 week ultrasound. I'm looking forward to hopefully find out if its a boy or girl too!

  2. You look awesome! As for the really tired thing - have you tried taking an iron supplement? I know that if I don't take mine when I'm pregnant I am so tired I can hardly function. It makes a HUGE HUGE HUGE difference - but if you're going to take one, the kind to get is a liquid iron (Floradix is the brand name) and you can find it at health food stores. This kind is water soluble so if your body doesn't need it, it goes right through and won't cause any problems. Plus the liquid kind is absorbed so much faster than a pill, and it works awesome. :) Are you going to find out if you're having a boy or girl this time around? :)