Monday, January 18, 2010

gotta love those navels.

....navel oranges that is....

One of our favorite pass-times these days....sharing an orange. They're so good right now!

(this picture shows a better "after" look at his haircut than the pictures in my last post)


  1. aw! He is such a cute little boy... even with a big boy hair cut. I can't believe how fast these kids grow up!

  2. Hey Laura!
    Just thought I'd comment after your comment on my blog. Our babies will be so close together! My first ultrasound moved my due date up to July 4, but I'm sticking with the June one, it just sounds so much closer :) But I'm sure yours will still be born first, but who knows! I will hopefully get to find out on Feb 9 if we are having a boy or girl, so am excited to find out, as I'm sure you are! Are you going to let others know too? Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy!