Friday, May 22, 2009

jaxon's first camping trip & a visit with grace

Last weekend we went camping with the youth group. Jaxon & I stayed in a trailer which was wonderful....since it POURED early in the morning (and all the next day!). Jax & I slept in this bed which was super comfy. We both slept really well!

Dish duty :)

Since Dan's been gone all week....I tried to keep busy. On Wednesday it was SUPER nice outside...I think it was 25c which was amazing. Jax & I went to visit Grace & Marissa.

Jax loving the swing with Marissa :) He loves outside, just like his mamma & dad!

He would have LOVEd to go all the way in. He wasn't timid about the water at all.

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  1. CUTE picture of Jaxon sitting in your bed in the trailor! Thank goodness you weren't in a tent with all the rain! :) That would have been a bummer! Hope you are doing well while Dan is gone. Love you!