Monday, November 17, 2008

yummy thumb

last night I went in to check on Jaxon and he was sucking his thumb!!!!!! So adorable. He had his thumb in his mouth for a few seconds right after he was born but he hasn't done it again until now. Hopefully his thumb sucking won't turn into a hard-to-break habit down the road...but for now it's just way too cute to put an end to! :) These pictures were taken tonight during our little evening cuddle.


  1. Both my girls are thumb suckers. I hear pretty negative comments about how horrible it is to break the habit, but I don't agree. I never had to remember a pacifier and they calmed themselves at night with the thumb. I love it. My oldest is now 4 and we are slowly weaning her and now she only sucks her thumb as she is falling asleep. My dentist said that it won't cause lasting damage before permanent teeth.

    Hope that's encouraging and you can enjoy watching your sweet little guy suck his thumb.

  2. Hey Laura, I know I've probably asked you already, but what type of sling do you have? Maybe there is something else that will work better for you right now. Or, you might want to watch this video.

    There is a video about pouch slings and ring slings.

  3. Jaden just stopped sucking his fingers one day and hasn't done it since, but I thought it was pretty cute too! Maybe Jaxon will just stop on his own too when he feels like it I just think it's cute :)