Friday, November 21, 2008


Next weekend our church is having a "progressive dinner" and we're hosting the appetizers. Anyone have any ideas of what I should make? I'm trying to think of something that doesn't look half devoured for each group that comes after the first one (I'm not sure it would be so appealing to dig into a half-eaten cheeseball.....???)


  1. I love ham-snails. Pizza dough, cheese, ham, salt pepper, dill, parsley (onion if you like) and an egg.

    Mix everything together, spread it onto the rolled out pizza dough (1/4") roll together and cut 1/2" stripes bake at 350 deg until golden brown

    Sorry I don't have an exact recipe, but you get the idea

  2. wow that sounds really good! Thanks Liane!

  3. Buffalo Wings

    In the slow cooker. That way they will be warm for everyone.

    Also if you want to do the cheese balls, just make smaller one's for every group. That way they will look fresh.

    Anyways. That's my imput,

    ps. I got the nursing cover and love it. Thanks friend.