Sunday, August 03, 2008

yard sale

On Saturday we had our first ever yard sale! When we unpacked all our stuff that we hadn't seen in a year, we realized there were things that we really didn't need anymore. It was good stuff...we just didn't need it. SO we had a yard sale! We really weren't sure what to expect as far as how much money we would make or if people would want to buy our stuff...but we made $150!! And I have to tell you - God is so good. Last week we needed to get something fixed on our car (that we weren't expecting) and we really tried to just leave it in God's hands, knowing that He knows our needs and He would provide. Well the car repairs cost $130 and we made $ we even had enough to buy a palm sander that we wanted from Canadian Tire :) Thank you God :)

near the end of our yard sale when things started to slow down, Dan got motivated to "install" our firepit in the backyard...followed by a fire with junk from the front lawn

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