Sunday, August 03, 2008

36 weeks

This is 36 weeks! Don't I look huge!? When I saw the picture after I took it I was shocked at how large that belly is! I'm not sure how my poor skin can stretch any further. Good thing I only have 3 weeks left (I'm having a scheduled c-section on August 23rd).

to compare, this is a 37-week belly picture from when I was pregnant with Mya:


  1. Thanks for your comment, Laura. So you know, I've been "stocking" your blog for a little while now, so maybe now we can get to know eachother more! Hope things are going well with you in your new place and you feel like you're fitting in. I'm sure the anticipation for your little one is growing too. Blessings on you both.

  2. Are you sure you're not having a girl? You look great! I'm glad you get to meet your little guy soon, I'm very excited for you.

  3. 8 more days!!! Yay!