Friday, May 14, 2010

the rooms are DONE!

The most exciting thing that happened in our house this week is that Dan was able to 100% finish Jaxon's room and the baby room. He's been slaving away during all of his free time for quite a while now, doing some fixing up and painting in the kids' rooms. And now they are DONE!! Yay!

Jaxon is VERY excited to be into his room again, especially now that he gets to play in there whenever he wants (it's now child-safe).

Here's Jaxon's room:

Amazingly, the transition from crib to bed went SUPER well. We were expecting a hard week (at least!) as Jaxon got used to the idea of sleeping in a bed. I was worried about him not taking bedtime seriously now that he has the freedom (in his mind) to get out of bed and play in his room. Also, his room looks totally different now than it did when he last slept in there - so really it's like a totally different room to him. We were sure that all these adjustments would mean a few sleepless nights - but he did so great. We made sure to keep showing him the progress in his room as Dan was painting it, etc...and talking about his new room with him. We're starting to realize that he really does get it when we explain stuff to him - and it seems to make things go smoother.

The first night he was to sleep in his new bed I took Jax to his crib and we took the blankets that he used in his crib and I explained to him that we were going to put them in his new bed because that was where he was going to sleep now, and when we layed them down in his new bed he got all excited and layed down on them and cuddled up on the bed. It was funny :) Dan layed him down like normal that night, Jax said "bye!" and off to sleep he went! We were both like "what? That's it!??" Thank you Lord!!!!!!

His nap the next day didn't go as smooth - he was quiet for about 10 minutes and then started calling me and after I went in and out again he was quiet for another few minutes but then started talking again. He may have had a 20 minute nap and that was it. But the next day he napped like he normally does.

Here's a pic of Jaxon sleeping his first night in the new bed (it was dark in his room - the flash just lit it up!)

And here is the baby's room! All done!! Yay!

some stuffies I made for the shelf. The elephant has a hard time standing on his own so he gets to be friends with the owl.


  1. LOVE all the sewing you've done for your baby - and am totally jealous of the cool fabric you seem to be able to find.
    Jaxon is so cute (and such a big boy!) sleeping in his room.

  2. I LOVE the first pic of Jaxon standing by his bog boy bed with a big smile - soooo cute! And I love your baby girl's nursery - it looks great! So cozy and cute! You did awesome on the stuffed animals too that you made - way to go! I'm so impressed! My sister in law loves owls - I might have to borrow the pattern from you :)