Sunday, May 09, 2010

not a baby anymore!

Well - last night was Jaxon's last night sleeping in a crib. We plan on him sleeping in his new twin size bed tonight - in his newly painted room! He LOVES being able to play in his room now...I'm just hoping he'll be just as eager to SLEEP in it. Any advice for me??

Before I went to bed last night I checked in on Jaxon and got a little nostalgic as it clicked that this was his last night in a crib and that it was one more step toward growing up for him. I got a little sad and decided I should take a picture of his last night in a crib.

So precious! I told myself that he'll look just as precious sleeping in his big bed.

1 comment:

  1. oh so sweet! And you're right, he will look just as precious sleeping in his bog boy bed as he does in his crib- but there's definitly no harm in being nostalgic and even a bit sad at the thought of him growing up. That's good you got a picture of him :) how's the big boy bed going by the way?