Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jaxon is 1!!

On Sunday our little baby boy turned 1!!! We had beautiful weather - perfect for our pool party at the Loberts. We had such a fun party - Jaxon had a 2 hour nap right before the party started so he was in a fantastic mood. He loves being amidst chaos so he had a great time. I think Dan & I were having as much (or maybe even more) fun as Jaxon was :) I am constantly amazed at how much fun the simplest things can be when it's your kid.

Jaxon got incredibly spoiled with love & gifts from the special people in his life here. He'll get more of that next week as we make the trek to see our family and have another party there!

Thank you Grace & Carol for taking such wonderful pictures! To see more pictures, click here to see my album on Facebook (you don't need FB to look at them).

enjoying his FIRST piece of cake!

blowing kisses! (he does that now when you say "I love you" or "bye bye")


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Aww, he's ADORABLE, Laura!! Very nice pictures, and it looked like a real fun birthday party! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Jaxon!! Wow, what a cutie. And I love the monkey cakes!

  3. Hi Guys!
    I loved all the pictures on your blog AND on your facebook! They are SUCH great pics! That's so neat that those 2 ladies took pics that day so you could just enjoy watching Jaxon :) And the monkey cakes are so cute! You really did a great job on them!