Saturday, August 15, 2009

happy birthday Mya

August 16th, 2007 our sweet baby girl arrived. She was 8lbs, 5oz of pure cuteness. The fact that she was a girl surprised us both - we were SURE we were having a boy. :)

We never dreamed we would only get to hold the baby we instantly loved and adored for a short 30 hours. To read the rest of Mya's story, click here.

We still miss our sweet Mya...most days it feels very unrealistic that Mya was taken from us and once and a while it feels painfully real. God has blessed us with His grace & healing, and has given us a new little miracle in our 2nd child, Jaxon (who already knows lots about his big sister!).

If Mya were alive today, we would definitely be partying....there would probably be a lot of pink involved...a pretty cake in some kind of neat shape with lots of icing....dolls...cute hair clips....all that fun girl stuff. But I guess none of that can beat the party she's having in Heaven. I'm so thankful we have the hope that we DO get to see her again someday! Thank you Jesus.

taking in everything about her!

daddy lovin' on his girl

cuddling with Jesus
Our friend Bethany Davidson drew this for us...beautiful.


  1. Wow, two years already. It seems like it just happened a few months ago. {{Hugs}}

  2. Heather9:00 PM

    Wow, you guys are a living testimony of the strength we can find in God.

  3. Happy birthday sweet Mya. Laura, she is beautiful... I wonder if she is hanging out with my Samuel. You are an encouragement to me. Praying for you today as you miss your precious first born:)

  4. Two years. Wow. My heart goes out to you both. May God continue to heal and strengthen.