Tuesday, June 23, 2009

pneumonia and visit from grandma & grandpa

What a weekend we had! We were looking forward to a nice visit with Dan's parents - they came on Friday and stayed until Monday. But on Friday night Jaxon had a terrible night followed by a terrible day on Saturday. He was feverish, had a hard time breathing, and was very sleepy all day, along with all the regular cold symptoms. Because of the breathing, I was worried that it could be pneumonia.

We ended up taking him in to the hospital on Saturday afternoon. That doctor said he thought it was bronchilitis, but told us that if the breathing got any worse to come back in. They did a Ventalin treatment there (I've never seen Jaxon cry so hard in my life!). Saturday night was even worse than Friday night. He was waking up every 15ish minutes so I ended up sleeping with him on the couch. I noticed that his breathing was getting even worse so at 4:30am Dan's mom & I went back to the hospital. They decided to do a chest x-ray. I hope none of you ever have to experience your babies having one of these! Thankfully it was quick, because my poor baby was panicking and screaming like you wouldn't believe.

This is a picture of what the contraption looks like that they strapped Jaxon into for the x-ray (that's not Jaxon in the picture....I found it online):

The x-ray showed that it was indeed pneumonia....so they sent us home with some ventalin and an aero chamber and some antibiotics.

He hates getting his ventalin treatments too but they really help. We're trying to get him to make friends with his aero chamber (you can tell he just had a treatment here by the redness of his eyes! :)

Our sad little sicky boy :(

Having a bottle with Grandma

Trying to cool him down in the sink!

By the time Grandma & Grandpa left he was feeling much better. He's still not 100% but he's doing way better than he was on the weekend!!


  1. Awe he looks like he is sad in those pictures but still cute as ever. What a tough baby you have. Glad he is feelin better.

  2. He really does look sad! I commend you for remembering to take pictures even in the bad moments! Having a sick baby must be the worst b/c they can't tell you what's wrong and they're so "fragile". Glad he's feeling better.

  3. Poor baby! What a sweetheart, he still looks sweet even when he's not feeling good. Good for you to be in tune with his breathing and stuff and to know it was time to go to the hospital. I bet that was scary! And that contraption for the x-ray!!!! Talk about clostrophobic!!! Poor guy :( Hope you guys are able to get some rest as he is getting better - I know it's wearing when they aren't feeling good.

  4. Heather8:23 AM

    It's so hard on us when they are sick. Both my boys have had the chest x ray's. I just keep up beat because they can sense when we don't like something. Liam was hospitalized at 3 months for chest problems and had the ventinol mask treatments. They aren't fun but they do wonders for keeping things loose. You will have to really watch now when he gets a cold. Ephram has to go on an inhaler every time he gets a cold. I'm hoping he out grows it. Hope Jaxson gets feeling better.