Tuesday, April 07, 2009

my new (oops) look

Me and my hair these days......I tell you. Last Friday while our family was here, I got Ange (Dan's sister) to dye my hair for me. I already had the box of dye here. I had decided to go a shade (or 2) darker than last time because the last time it had a bit too much red in it for my liking. Well it turns out I'm not too smart because this is what my hair now looks like:

yeah. It's about 5 shades darker than I was expecting! It's pretty much black. Oh well. I am getting used to it. It WAS even darker than this. We went to WalMart after we rinsed out the first box of dye and frantically got another box (a few shades lighter than I want it) to try and get it lighter, but this is as light as we got! Lesson learned: just stick with what worked the first time :)

this is the color I got the first time (a couple months ago):

and this is the one the turned my hair BLACK!


  1. Hey buddy.
    I think your hair looks good. I mean I'm sure you were shocked because it wasn't what you were expecting but it's a change and sometimes a change is fun for a while. Anyways. You are beautiful. Have a wonderful day.

  2. I like it. I think the dark suits you good!!It will fade too!!!

  3. You poor thing! First a haircut that didn't go as planned and now a hair color that didn't turn out like you wanted! It will fade over the next week or so, at least that's what my hair does. Good luck!! Love you!

  4. I thought of an idea if you aren't too sure about the darker color, you could always add some carmel colored highlights or something to lighten it up a bit. Although, by this point, you're probably not wanting to try anything else?? :)