Wednesday, April 22, 2009

blue gums

here's some new pictures of Jaxon's teething progress. I just discovered that the gums that are covering his top left tooth are BLUE! Poor boy. Must be painful. I'm thinking about buying an amber teething necklace. Apparently they help quite a bit. Right now I've got Jaxon on either Tylenol or Motrin at all times. As much as I hate giving him medicine, it's horrible watching him in so much pain (and I needed some sanity!).

Dan's feeling much better than he was on Monday, but still not 100%.

this is a picture of Jaxon's fancy work with his tongue. It's quite hilarious. He just started this 2 days ago....he can almost flip his tongue up-side down!


  1. I will be praying for your sweet little guy, that his tooth comes in quickly... but then it will probably be on to the next tooth:) He is so sweet:)

  2. Hey this is a Parschauer girl. Aww what a cutie, I am still teething and I know how much it hurts hope he gets better soon.

  3. Hey! Sorry! I never replied to your facebook message yet...things have been crazy here! But as for the amber necklace...I actually don't have one - I have a hazelwood teething necklace. I think it's kind of the same idea, but just made from something different. As for how it works, I did use it on Emily for a while and she actually seemed to drool less, etc. but I'm not totally sure that she was actually teething because 11 months she still has no teeth - and no sign of them coming yet either! So I took it off to save it for when she's actually teething. I hope the amber necklace helps Jaxon though...those poor blue gums! Ouch!