Monday, February 26, 2007

We're Moving!

Yes, you read it right, we're moving. Dan is going to be the Program Director at a place called Galilean Bible Camp (a CSSM camp) in Blind River, Ontario. The goal is for his job to turn into the Assistant Director of the camp, which is a year-round position. We are very excited about this because the job seems so "Dan". He's always loved working with youth, organizing events, being outdoors, developing his and others' outdoor pursuits skills, and the list goes on. Not to mention raising a kid at a Bible camp. Lucky kid!

While we are excited about our new adventure, it is also going to be hard for us to leave NBI! The community here within NBI has been amazing for us. There's nothing like living on a Bible School campus...surrounded by fellow staff who love God and know how to laugh, students who are eager to grow and who become part of our lives, neighbors in the 4plex that are always so kind to lend a cup of sugar or a few eggs :)....

Our venture begins in June when we pack up a bigger U-HAUL (I know, U-HAUL's are scarey) than we came with and make the 22 hour drive to Blind River. By then I'll be big and round :) By the way, today I for sure felt the baby move. Other days I thought I did, but today I was sure. It was the coolest thing. I waited for it to happen again but I didn't yet. From what I hear though I should enjoy not getting poked in the ribs while it lasts. :) If you want to check out the place we're going, go to

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  1. It seems as though God has just turned your life upside down - or perhaps turned it right side up - and filled it with all sorts of good things! Congratulations on the baby news and the job news. Dan, I'm so glad to see you moving in this direction of "fit" if you know what i mean. It's a hopeful thing...and those are good things.

    Blessings, friends!