Friday, June 04, 2010

labor pains?

As I sit here with what feel like labor pains (for the 3rd time in the last few weeks) I'm curious to hear what YOUR labor pains felt like. I've never had real labor with either of my other two pregnancies so I really don't know WHAT real labor is supposed to feel like. And I know that lots of women feel it differently.

I know it's probably nothing what I have right now. But I'm a little on the paranoid side about being in labor because my doctor said it wouldn't be good - since I have a t-incision in my uterus from Jax's c-section. Apparently the labor could cause my uterus to rupture. And that would be no good.

The last 2 times I thought I may be in labor I made my way down to the hospital and wasted 2 hours while they did a non-stress test only to find out that they were NOT contractions...which made me even more confused because they felt like what everyone described as labor.

So, tell me - what did your contractions feel like?


  1. My contractions always started out feeling like period cramps, or like I had to take a poo. I could be like that for hours or even days, though. With my last baby I was having pre-labor pains like that for a couple days before she arrived. But active labor contractions are pretty hard to miss for most. It feels like you're being ripped a part from the inside out, and you have trouble standing, breathing, or talking normally. You would know when active labor hits you. :)

  2. Laura,
    You are getting so close... just wanted you to know that I am praying for you! Praying for the Lord's protection and sweet blessing on you and that sweet little one:)