Friday, March 19, 2010

25 weeks

Here's my 25 week shot...getting bigger! And feeling bigger too.

For the most part I'm feeling really good. I am still very tired by the end of the day but if I think back, it HAS gotten better since the 1st trimester. This little one is very active (which I'm so thankful for!). I think she must be facing out because I feel lots of detailed movements (if that makes any sense) - like little swipes of the hand or foot or whatever it is. She is already a little violent with her brother when he cuddles with me...maybe jealous already? No, just smushed. :)

We have a date for the c-section now for June 16th. Having a date makes it suddenly feel realistic that "oh, I really AM pregnant!" Just to be cautious, my doctor is giving me regular ultrasounds every 2 weeks till the end, and weekly non-stress tests starting at 28 weeks. This will make for a lot of appointments, but I'm glad she's being cautious.

Now for a few pictures of my favorite boys!


  1. Looking great! :) I'm glad that you're feeling better...the middle trimester is always the best in my books. :) Well, actually the best is when you finally get to hold that little baby!!

    Those pics of Jax and Dan are great too - I love the one where he's throwing him up in the air! :)

  2. You look beautiful Laura... praying for you and sweet baby right now:)

  3. Laura, you look absolutely beautiful and you haven't gained any weight anywhere! It's all baby! You look great!!!!! love you and will catch up with you again soon!

  4. Hi Laura, we've met once before about 3 years ago. I'm Erica, the Pastor's wife from Blind River. I came across your blog and thought I'd say Congrats on the soon to be arrival of your baby girl! Hope all is going well. :)

    Oh, and I have a family blog as well - but its private. you can email me:, and I can send you the link....if you want. :)

    You look great preggo, btw. :)