Friday, September 18, 2009

quite a scare!

Jaxon has a peanut allergy!

About a month ago, he had a bite of the chocolate part of my Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, and a few minutes after got red, puffy eyes, sneezing, and runny nose. It cleared up in about 2 hours. The same thing happened 2 weeks ago when he had 1 bite of my PB & Jam toast. So then we knew it was the peanut butter.

On Wednesday, Jaxon had 1/2 a piece of Chex cereal snack mix at youth group, and as soon as he ate it I realized it had PB in it! So I watched him carefully and he only got red splotches around his mouth, nothing else. I came home and put him to bed, and he woke up about 15 minutes later coughing. He has a cold so I went in and gave him a drink of water and for "some reason" decided to take him and let him lay with me on the couch. Then I realized he had the red puffy eyes and red face, and hives on his belly...and his breathing was a bit wheezy.

We headed for the hospital right away, and within 2o minutes we had 3 nurses and a doctor standing around us, giving him Epinephrine, Benedryl, Ventalin, and Prednisone. Crazy!!!!!!! Things cleared up pretty fast after all the drugs, but they wanted to keep him overnight incase of a rebound after the Epinephrine wore off.

Thanks to the Benedryl, Jaxon fell asleep as soon as we got to our room, and slept until 4am. He woke up chipper and chatty and curiously examining the wires attached to him. :)

So, we are now the parents of a child with a peanut allergy! We have to become quite familar with an Epi Pen....especially since his allergy seems to get worse each time he has PB.

Jaxon's room :(

Future doctor maybe?

Dr. Kristina....we found out while we were there that she was with us in Sudbury with Mya! She did CPR on Mya for 9 minutes and said she still thinks of Mya often.

It was such a blessing to meet her and talk about Mya with her.....and it was so ironic that she was taking care of Jaxon here in the Soo! Especially since she's only up North once & a while...she normally works at CHEO.

Obviously feeling better!

...And just for fun...a classic spaghetti face picture :)

ps. THANK YOU to everyone who gave me advice for weaning! It was so helpful to read your ideas. As of now, we're still having 3 feedings a day but I think we're getting ready to drop 1 more. I bought a straw sippy cup and he's starting to get used to that, but is still not drinking tons of milk out of a cup. I've decided to go to the women's retreat....Dan is set to brave the weekend by himself! :)


  1. Laura, I am so glad Jaxon is Ok. What a precious little boy he is... a blessing. Have a wondeful time on the retreat.

  2. YIKES!!! So glad Jax is okay and that you guys know exactly what caused it and everything. Good for you for being so pro-active about getting him to the hospital and having that mother's "in-tuition" / Holy Spirit to help you know what to do. Amazing that you guys got to meet and talk with the doctor who did CPR on Mya and that she was taking care of Jax. Amazing. So now that Jax has a peanut allergy, do you find yourselves having to read the packages on everything to see if there's peanut in it? Give Jaxon a kiss and hug from us. Love you guys!

  3. That's scary stuff! My niece has a lot of allergies too, and so the Epi Pen is always on hand. Glad to hear that the weaning process is going a bit better :)

  4. Ah, I'm sorry he has a peanut allergy!! Yuck! That's a lot of work, energy and knowledge that will be required from you! Glad to hear he's okay now though.

  5. oh wow, that is so scary to think of how that allergy will just worsen! So awesome to hear that everything worked out for Jaxon and that he is ok! (By the way, you are looking great, Laura!)

  6. Lindsay mentioned that Jax was in the hospital but I'm glad he's doing better. I may need to talk to you about weaning. Libby is coming up to that soon. We'll see if I remember what I did with Liam.