Friday, March 27, 2009

modesty survey

For our youth Sunday School, we are doing a guys/girls split right now.....I'm doing the book "for young women only" by Shaunti Feldhahn with the girls and the guys are doing "for young men only". When I was getting ready for this sunday's chapter, I came across this survey online's very interesting girls. Check it out if you have some time.


  1. Okay, so I checked it out. Craig and I have had MANY talks about this subject and I believe I am a fairly aware woman when it comes to modesty. However, some of those guys' answers still flabbergasted and frustrated me! There was the one question about the tops that are gathered around the chest being immodest. I wear those kind of tops so that my chest looks SMALLER and so you can't see the shape! Seriously!! That was quite frustrating to read. I appreciate the website, and it definitely will stimulate some good talks, but I think there's always going to be some things that some guys lust over and some guys don't. There was even one question that asked if bare feet are a stumbling block. All of the guys said NO WAY and I had to laugh b/c for me, bare feet on a guy are totally a stumbling block!! Especially in jeans. Totally a turn on! :) I really appreciated the one question I read right at the end about what part is the guy's responsibility. They all said that they totally have to be responsible for where their minds go. I'm totally in favour for making things easier on guys and avoiding obvious stumbling blocks (of which I'm been guilty of and need to do better at) and for them to do their best at reigning in their eyes and minds if something's a stumbling block to them that may not be for all men. So all that to say, thanks for the website. I'll probably be going through my closet now again...

  2. That was really interesting to check out!!

  3. A friend of yours was on my blog and gave me your blog to read. This was a neat survey. You have a beautiful son and daughter. We just lost our son last Oct. 29th. He was stillborn a day after his due date due to a cord accident. The grief for me is still so raw. I am having a particularly hard week. He was our fifth child and is so missed. Seeing you down the road a bit in this loss journey encourages me. I continually try to trust that the Lord has good in store for us. Thanks for sharing your story. Any advice for someone so new on this journey?

    Our family blog is

  4. I first saw that website a few years ago... I'm surprised the survey is still going on!