Monday, February 09, 2009

first food & visit to Goderich

After realizing how good Jaxon was at drinking a sip of water from our cups, we decided it might be time to try giving him some rice cereal! It was quite fun introducing him to his first real food, and he did pretty good! He knew what to do right away, but it was a bit messy........ :)

he's also teething off & on right now so he's doing a LOT of chewing.....
I thought this picture of him in the car seat was so cute....his teething buddies in each hand.

Last weekend Jax & I had the awesome opportunity to get a ride to London with Brian & Carol since they were going anyway. And it just HAPPENED to be my sister Karen's birthday that weekend so Jax & I surprised her! It was so much fun. We stayed with my parents and had a nice weekend together.

stretch time in the van!

Happy bday auntie Karen!

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  1. Hey there Laura. I love the pictures you post. Jaxon looks so very cute with his toys sleeping. They are so cute when they are sleeping. I am glad you got to go home and be with your family. I can hardly wait for first foods. Looks like fun.