Monday, June 16, 2008

we have a house! for real this time!

We completed our house hunting today! We found a house that we actually liked even better than the last one, which we didn't think was possible! And we're paying less for it :) We're so excited. Click here to see the mls listing. The pictures on the website really don't do it justice, so I'll post some better pictures once we take possession.

We get possession on July 18th, which is a little later than what we would ideally like, but we're happy to just have a house. Tomorrow we have a little bit of paperwork to do and then we'll head home on Wednesday. Ahhhhh....what a relief!!!!

The main floor of the house is perfect (except for the blue living room....we already have a color picked out to paint that!)...hardwood floors, nice bathroom, great kitchen, A DISHWASHER (the first ever in my life!)...the baby room is the perfect color....the list goes on. The basement is partly finished and is a really neat layout. It's all drywalled and the floor is done - it just needs some paint.

God is so good. Admittedly, there were times in the last few weeks that we didn't trust God like we should have - but He's proved Himself again. He's blessed us with features in this house we thought we would have to settle on. I really didn't think I would ever have a kitchen this nice or hardwood floors or so much space and a new bathroom and the list goes on!! Thank you Lord!!! Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us!!

We are really excited!! I'm going to try and go to sleep now :)


  1. The house is gorgeous! I'm so happy for you guys - God really is good, hey?He's even provided a house for us too, but it needs a LOT of work....but it's already on campus so that makes it easy for us to work on while we're still living in the 4-plex and Adam doesn't start working until Aug 25 so that gives him time to work on the house, so it all works out pretty good. So excited for you finding your new house and moving in soon! Which room will be the baby room?

  2. Horray!!! I'm so glad you found a house. Brings the stress levels down again! You're right, the blue is a bit obnoxious almost. What color are you going to paint?