Monday, April 28, 2008


So I'm convinced that carrying a boy baby makes you more hungry than carrying a girl baby. For me anyways! I'm so hungry these days! Maybe I just think I'm more hungry this time since I have more time to think about it than I did when I was pregnant with Mya. I don't now. Have any of you ladies found that to be true!??

I'm also curious if any of you had weird pregnancy cravings. So far I have craved mostly carbs (though I try to limit myself) , Oreo McFlurries (until we found out they're 500 calories each!) and the weirdest one was wine! That one was about a month ago and it's very weird since we never drink wine. Dan went out and bought me some non-alcoholic wine and it tasted very good :)

Here's a couple pictures:

22 week belly shot

Last weekend our friends Josh & Jessica got married and we had some time to kill between the ceremony & reception. We enjoyed some nice warm sun at the beach. It's so nice to have summer back!!!!


  1. You look adorable! :) And those cravings are too funny...I've never really had any cravings with either of my pregnancies though, so I couldn't give you any advice on craving stuff. ;)

  2. Laura you are the most beautiful Pregnant lady I know. I have been craving wine alot too. But I do drink a bit, before I got pregnant of course. And I have been eating potato chips in excess. Trouble I tell you. But I have no idea if it's a boy or girl. I'll have to wait and see.

  3. I can't believe you're barefoot at the beach already! We're still wearing jackets, touques, and mittens....not fair.

    You look fantastic, and I LOVE the green maternity top! As for cravings, I generally craved carbs too, particularly cheese and crackers, every now and then chocoloate, but I think that's fairly normal, even when we're not pregnant :)

  4. Sarah1:14 PM

    What a great picture of you and Dan at the beach…. That photographer is very talented ;-)

  5. Awe man, you look so CUTE! With Rowan I actually craved fruit. I ate tons of fruit. With Bria is was carbs and sweets. Lots of sweets!

  6. I'm with Susanna, I ate a lot of cheese and crackers when I was pregnant.

    You look great!

  7. We were so thankful to get your email telling us 'you had safely arrived' and oh what a blessing to have all that help and wonderful 'food'!!!...thank You, Lord.....I knew He was going to take good care of you..... :o) ...He has promised to 'watch over you and keep you never leave your side'..... know we love you.....thanks for sharing with those of us who love most certainly are beautiful ...both of you!!! hahah.....(all of you!!!)....ggt...will be back!
    God bless!!!