Tuesday, March 25, 2008

guy or girl?

So we find out in a couple weeks whether we're having a boy or a girl....or at least the best guess the technician can make :) Apparently they're not guaranteed to be right. If you want to guess...there's a poll on the right side of the screen :)


  1. How exciting! And yes, it really is a "guess" but they're pretty good at their guessing now! Although I have heard of some that weren't right...they were right with Tate though (it was quite obvious too though...), and we'll see if they're right with our next one - they said girl...so we will see! I'm glad all is going well with your pregnancy so far!

  2. Looking forward to finding out what you guys are having! We decided not to find out this time, and it's been killing us, so I don't recommend it! It's just been hard to really feel connected with the baby, and also pick a name...next time we'll find out!!