Monday, May 21, 2007

Dreaded Packing

We finally decided it's time to get serious about packing...this morning we're off to hunt for more boxes and we're hoping to get a good chuck done today.


  1. Hey Laura (and Dan!) Not sure if you remember me...but I think I met you at an alumni weekend or something. Anyways, just thought I'd say hi! I found your blog through Stacey's. That is very exciting that you are pregnant!! are going to have so much fun with the little one! We just had our 1st baby (Tate) last August and being a mommy is the funnest (and probably the hardest sometimes too) job EVER!! :) The missions trip pics look awesome too! If you don't remember me, you could look on my blog and then there's some pics of me...maybe that will help. :) :)

    Have fun packing too! :) :)

  2. Hey you guys! Ugh! Those boxes look all too familiar. We, too, just moved across town. Long story involving our landlord selling our building and new owners wanting to use our suite. (That makes 6 moves in the four years since we got married.) So now we've downsized to a very small 2-bdrm. But it is newly renovated and quite nice, with basement bedrooms which has been a blessing with the last couple days of heat! So I guess God has his hand in everything, even when we don't see it right away!

    My sister said she saw Dan at YC on the weekend. Thanks for emailing your new address. We so wanted to get out there before you guys moved, but it just didn't happen. Anyway, our phone number has remained the same, so give us a call when you've settled in a bit! Later!