Monday, January 01, 2007


On Friday when we got home from Saskatoon we found out that my (Laura) parent's shop had burned down, and that following that my dad had a heart attack. He's okay now after having an angioplasty and lots and lots of prayer. We are so thankful that he is okay and how God had His hand in the whole thing. The firemen were still there when he had the heart attack so they were able to give him oxygen right away, which led to him having only minimal damage done to his heart. We're also thankful that it happened then because there were lots of other people around. If the fire hadn't happened, he probably wouldn't have had it then, but at a later time, possibly when he was alone and unable to get help. God is so great.

Please continue to pray for his full recovery. He is still in the London hospital recovering and getting lots of attention of the dr's and nurses. He's been able to get out of bed a little bit today which he was really glad for because he was getting pretty tired of laying down. He is doing better and better each day. Thanks for praying.

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